Other Thoughts


1. William Stephenson

Change the name of Portage Ave. E to Intrepid Way . -- Place a plaque and statue at Portage & Main.


2. Charlie Thorson

To Sargent Ave., add signs naming a section between Furby St. and Agnes St. [approx.]
as Charlie Thorson Dr. -- Place a plaque and statue , perhaps at Sargent & Furby.


3. Clara Hughes

Change the name of the Susan Auch Skating Oval to the Susan Auch & Clara Hughes Skating Oval.


4. Andrew Mynarski

Place a statue and plaque at the Air Force Heritage Museum & Air Park. -- This will complement Andrew's Victoria Cross that is on display at the same location.


5. Portage and Main

Install larger signs celebrating this intersection. -- Install a sign and plaque stating something similar to
This is where Western Canada begins.


6. The intersection of Osborne, Pembina, and Corydon

Install signs proclaiming this location as Confusion Corner.


7. Portage Ave. between Grant's Old Mill and the White Horse Statue

Install 'Manitoba Attractions' signs for Grant's Old Mill, Jim's Antique Garages, the Principal Meridian Marker, and the White Horse Statue. -- Place plaques at each location.

'Manitoba Attractions' signs are needed at many more Manitoba locations.


8. Parallel and Meridian Markers

Install markers at 49th, 50th, 51st, etc. parallel locations & at the 96th, 97th, etc. meridian locations at those places where they cross the main highways of Manitoba.


9. to be added to

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