Manitoba, eh?!

The rotunda re-enacts the Precession of the Equinoxes

When walking around the balustrade, it is noticed that the Black Star appears to remain close to the portion of the barrier that is closest to the observer.   To some, the illusion might be that the Black Star is moving.

The rotunda is re-enacting an astronomical phenomenon known as the Precession of the Equinoxes.

The gravities of the Sun & the Moon cause a slow change in the direction of the Earth's axis, although the degree of the tilt is not affected.   The Earth behaves in a similar fashion to a spinning top, where its axis is pointing to different locations on the ceiling.

There are 72 of the large rectangular solids that form a circle in the rotunda, and 288 of the smaller blocks.   Also, there are 216 of the tooth-like features.

Do these objects play a role in this event?

Were these numbers used to create Fibonacci numbers?

     (a) 72 is one-half of 144.
     (b) 288 is two times larger than 144.
     (c) The square root of (72 times 288) equals 144.
     (d) If straight lines were added to join the larger blocks to the centre of the circle, 72 five-degree angles would be created.