Manitoba, eh?!
The 'Wolfe Table' in Shilo, MB

Legend has it that General James Wolfe was laid on this table after dying
at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham.
From the Winnipeg Free Press dated February 21, 2009

Article by Gordon Sinclair, Jr.

Photo by Clive Prothero-Brooks

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    Marc George , Director RCA Museum [Camp Shilo, Mb.]: (Sept. 2008)

    There is a table in the Officers' Mess in Shilo which is reputed to be the table that James Wolfe's body was laid out on after he was killed on the Plains of Abraham.

    It was re-finished in the early 1980's by an expert who stated that the design was correct for it to have been in that scenario. He cleaned off the accumulated black stuff from the under-side and discovered a small silver plaque inscribed "Wolfe Table 1759" that was hitherto not visible. He indicated that this had to have been on the table for at least 100 years. -- So we cannot get right back to 1759, but there is good reason to give credit to the story.

    The table was kept in the Mess of British Garrison Artillery units in Quebec City until their Mess furnishings passed into the hands of the Canadian Artillery in 1871. The Artillery kept the table once the Citadel was vacated and it eventually was brought to the Home Station of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery here in Shilo.