How might the Golden Boy assist the campaigns
to enhance Manitoba's image?

(1) The golden colour of the Golden Boy is symbolic of the golden opportunities that abound within
our province.

(2) Its ‘in-motion’ stance illustrates the forward-looking attitude of Manitobans.

(3) Its lofty position on the Manitoba Legislative Building speaks of our high expectations.

(4) Its youthful appearance is a reminder that our youth will be performing a significant role in Manitoba’s future.

(5) We are proud to possess and to boast about our ‘Golden Boy’, this grand statue that is one of the most unique in North America. It is majestic in its form, bright colour, & location.

(6) Possibly, it is the most memorable visual item for visitors to Manitoba & for former residents of the province.

(7) Judging by the interest shown by Manitobans when the Golden Boy was being refurbished, we know that the statue is a deep source of pride for us.

(8) It sits atop the provincial building, and on provincial grounds, where elected representatives from throughout the province enact legislation that affects all Manitobans. It is this location that ‘binds’ all Manitobans together.

(9) To be found on this Government of Manitoba website :
     [a] "a magnificently gilded ... figure"
     [b] "The Golden Boy probably Manitoba's best known symbol".
     [c] "...he has stood proud as a symbol for all Manitobans."
     [d] "Embodying the spirit of enterprise and eternal youth..."


How might the Golden Boy be utilized?

      (a) The figure of the 'Golden Boy' could be added to campaign displays.

      (b) 'Golden Boy' trophies could be presented for good citizenship, rescue efforts, etc. & would be presented to people of all ages. Children, especially, would cherish this honour.

      (c) A similar statue could be presented to special guests & visiting dignitaries to Manitoba.

      (d) A 'Golden Boy' logo could be placed on the uniforms/caps/etc. of teams (athletics, science fair participants, etc.) that represent Manitoba.

      (e) Souvenirs for tourists could contain these logos.

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