Are these two items important in the campaigns
to improve Manitoba's 'image' ?

Firstly, should the unique & distinctive features of Manitoba be emphasized?

Secondly, should the success stories of Manitoba's citizens, companies, etc. be promoted?

This type of information is being compiled on a portion of my website that is entitled

Success stories, awards, firsts, etc.

I note the pride and surprise that many individuals display when one of the success stories or one of the unique features is brought to their attention. However, along with the positive responses, often are heard statements similar to “Who would have thought that a Manitoban would have done that!” or “You mean that something that ‘neat’ happened in our province?”. My neighbour’s comment was similar to “That information is so interesting. And I thought that Manitoba was a sleepy old province where nothing much of interest happened!”

If their inaccurate opinions of our province are to be rectified, means by which they become informed about our achievements and our uniqueness need to be established. Examples of the positive characteristics of their province should be promoted on a regular basis.

With this information, Manitobans will be better equipped to 'sing the praises' of their province.

I would appreciate hearing your comments. Contact Paul at .